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August 25, 2010
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November 15, 2013

Gardening with Indigenous Plants – Planning

[from The Creek, April 2009]

To get you started, Liz Barraclough, an experienced garden designer as well as BERG’s Field Officer, has prepared a sample plan of an indigenous garden, together with plant names and steps in planning.

Steps in planning your indigenous garden

1. Look at your garden or space and decide on which of your existing structures and plants you want to keep, and which are to go.

2. Think about how you want to use the space, what structures and activities you want to accommodate, eg shed, vegetable garden, play area. Decide on the style of garden you want, eg formal or relaxed, cottage, bushland.

3. Look at magazines and other gardens, not only for the style you like, but also, perhaps more important, for what grows well in neighbouring  or similar style local gardens.

4. Be realistic. Consider how much time you have and want to spend maintaining your garden.

5. Sketch a rough concept plan. It is then easier to select the appropriate plants, with help from suitable references or the local nurseryman.

6. When selecting plants, consider their function and purpose, eg hedge, screen, specimen, shade, colour, edible, bird-attracting.

Plants are labelled on the plan by their common names. Their botanical names are given below
Black She-oak

Drooping She-oak


Common Correa

White Correa

Chocolate Lily

Spiny-headed Mat-rush


Black-anther Flax Lily

Coast Banksia


Yellow Hakea

Seaberry Saltbush

Allocasuarina littoralis

Allocasuarina verticillata

Kunzia ericoides

Correa reflexa

Correa alba

Arthropodium stricta

Lomandra longifolia

Leptospermum laevigatum

Dianella revoluta

Banksia integrifolia

Myoporum insulare

Hakea nodosa

Rhagodia candolleana

Swamp Paperbark

Noon Flower/Pigface

Common Everlasting

Twiggy Daisy

Kidney Weed

Snow Gum

Manna Gum

Sweet Bursaria

Weeping Grass

Wallaby Grass


Common Heath

Melaleuca ericafolia

Carpobrotus rossi

Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Olearia ramulosa

Dichondra repens

Eucalyptus pauciflora

Eucalyptus pryoriana

Bursaria spinosa

Microlena microides

Danthonia sp.

Alyxia buxifolia

Epacris impressa

For more information see the Mornington Peninsula Indigenous Planting Guide

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