Schools Program

What can BERG offer schools?

BERG Mt Martha volunteers have worked with school students, both primary and secondary, over many years, to engage them in learning about and caring for our natural environment.

Activities we can offer to students vary with the seasons and our volunteer resources. We are happy to discuss with schools what might be possible.  

Activities that might be available include (but are not necessarily limited to): 

  • monitoring of water quality and/or water bugs (as part of the WaterWatch and EstuaryWatch programs)
  • learning about indigenous plants and plant communities 
  • learning about and identifying weed plants 
  • monitoring, collecting and sorting rubbish
  • on occasion, planting (little planting is done now, as we rely largely on natural regeneration).

Maximum numbers of students and the duration of the activity will be determined by the type of activity, the age of the children and the volunteers BERG has available at the time. 

What does BERG expect of schools?

When we work with school students, we have the following expectations:

  1. Teacher/s from the school will work with BERG to ensure that activities are engaging, and meaningful and relevant to the students, with the clear aim of increasing their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the values of the environment and nature.
  2. Teachers from the school will participate in any activities, will be present throughout, and are responsible for supervision and control of the students.
  3. All BERG volunteers involved are required to have a current Working With Children Check.
  4. The school will tell BERG at least a week before the planned activity of any special requirements in relation to the students. 
  5. We would be grateful if the school can let parents know that their children are working with BERG Mt Martha.